10 Amazingly Affordable Places You Actually Want to See

Georgia (Caucasus)

“Tbilisi, the capital city is awesome. Beautiful architecture from historic sites to modern masterpieces. Plenty of good restaurants and the Georgians know how to have a knees up.”

-Keiko, TravelAdvisor.com

With flight averaging $600 round trip depending on your departure airport and travel dates, as well as plenty of hotels less than $50/night, you’ll be sure to stretch your budget to the things that matter most.

El Nido, Philippines


“My friends and I planned to visit El Nido palawan, and this place was very overwhelming to visit. The Captain of the motor boat and his staffs are very accommodating, they are really there to assist us in every way they can. and a great cooks. we had our lunch on shimizu island and the food that they prepared was delicious, it has vegetables, grilled pork and chicken, grilled fish, fruits, rice and noodles (bihon).”

-TripAdvisor Review

You can find trips to Manila for less than $500 round-trip depending on departure date and city. Lowest fares can be found from September through November. There are plenty of hotels with great reviews under $100/night. With the exchange rate of 1:52, you’ll have plenty of money to explore the island’s vast variety of activities and food.

Sofia, Bulgaria

“Sofia is a beautiful city unlike any I’ve visited in Europe. The churches in the city vary from Byzantine to Russian to Ottoman style, each containing it’s own unique history and beautiful interior. I recommend touring each individual church, even the small ones you might stumble upon. The Church of St. George, the Russian Church and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are particularly amazing. You can clearly see Cathedral from the airplane, it is enormous and beautiful.”

-Lorenzo H, TripAdvisor

Dubbed Europe’s most affordable capital, a round-trip ticket to Sofia can be less than $500 and  four-star hotel goes for less than $100 a night. The dinner tab for two with a bottle of house wine runs about $40. And cab fare costs less than $1 a mile.


“Nicaragua is an amazing country, and I can’t imagine having a better trip. I And the thing I was the most worried about – what the people would be like – wound up being one of the best aspects of the trip. Interesting, adventurous, and accepting people from all over the world.”

-Dalia, stridetravel.com review

Flights are as low as $400 RT for plenty of travel dates and lots of fabulous hotel for less than $50. No wonder this awesome destination has been made secret by those that have visited the country.

Hainan, China
“A very beautiful place to visit, about one hour from Sanya on the road past the airport. The main temple and statue are set in a very large park with interesting buildings and objects. We were there on a very busy day, but it was still well-worth visiting.”
-Kurt, TripAdvisor Review
Round trip flights as low as $500 in some months and $50/night for 4-star hotels, it’s never been cheaper to immerse yourself in religion and history.
Istanbul, Turkey
“Istanbul is a charming and magical, beautiful city. Has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
I loved the food, the people. “
-WhillyBermudez, TripAdvisor Review
Flights to Istanbul come to about $660 during off-season with accommodation options as low as $14/night.
Tulum, Mexico
“Found myself here and I had a friend punch me in the face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Twice.
Sure, now I have to eat soft foods for a week or so but I had to confirm that Tulum Beach was real and it is. Go.”
-Cliff, yelp.com
Flights to get to Tulum can be as low as $550 and plenty of highly-rated hotels under $100/night.
Tallinn, Estonia
“I have wanted to see Tallinn for many years. I was fortunate to be able to get to this amazing place. In a country which is becoming synonymous with high technology, the beautiful old town stands in quiet contrast. Every place is scenic. Great pictures are easy to get, as the subject matter is so impressive. It is well worth the time and energy to be here and take it all in.”
-Eurotraveler, TripAdvisor Review
Travel to Estonia during September through November for best fares. Additionally, there are plenty of hotels and alternative accommodations for less than $100 per night.
Alberta, Canada
“The views are incredible with the Rocky Mountains just standing so majestic. The scenery is breath taking. You can walk out into the frozen lake that is pristine white surrounded by the trees and mountains – laden with snow – at the end of the lake is a gorgeous ice wall.”
-Mushu, TravelAdvisor Review
With many travel dates that are less than $500 round-trip and hotels for less than $80/night, Alberta, Canada is one travel destination you don’t have an excuse not to visit.
Maui, Hawaii
“I love Maui with all my heart. My time on this beautiful island has been some of the most special moments in my life. From the epic crater of Haleakala to waterfalls on the Hana side. The amount of beauty and adventure here is staggering. The Island of Maui is a must see!”
-Cody E., Google Reviews
Fare specials from California can be as low as $177 round trip. Hotel prices vary but there are plenty of sea-side rooms with spectacular views under $100/night.

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