10 Beauty Trends in 2018

If you’re looking to reinvent your looks this year, there’s never been a more perfect time. We’ve got the top 10 beauty trends in 2018 to get you started. Who knows? You might even come up with your own after looking at the below for inspiration.


1. Slime Highlighter


This $45 genius marketing concoction only looks unappealing but it’s actually not so bad. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it was created by one of the leading beauty brand, Givenchy. On Givenchy’s product description, it says the product is actually 72% water, which makes it pretty cool.

2. Glitter Mascara

This year’s trend seems to be around glitters and goop. For every minute there’s a bored Instagrammer out there, there is a makeup product being placed somewhere we’re not used to seeing. This year, glitters are being painted on eyelashes. Has someone posted how much is stings when that stuff get into the eyes yet?

3. Glitter Brows

Well, we place it on the eye lashes, why not eyebrows too to match?

4. Face glitter

Heck, why not just dab some all over our face while we’re at it?

5. Glitter Tongue

And just in case they doubt our loyalty to glitter, stick your tongue out at the naysayers while glitters fall off it.

6. Crystal Lips

We already established that 2018 is the year of the sparkles. But this one is taking it to a whole another level.

7. Glitter Face Mask

Those marketing guys really know how to spot a trend and make a profit from it. I can’t help to wonder when they’ll get into our shampoos so our hair could sparkle along with the rest of our body?

8. Freckle Tattoos

The days when you used to hide your freckles under a blanket of makeup are gone. Thank God for this new trend that makes them cool that people are literally tattooing their faces with it.

9. Crown Brows

Because who needs regular, groomed brows when you can walk around like a queen?

10. Corset Braids

Because corsets aren’t just to cinch your waists anymore.

10. Peanut Butter & Jelly Hair

Because we love peanut butter and jelly so much that we can’t get enough of it.

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