10 People to Avoid for a Healthier Relationship

Relationships are fun, exciting and sometimes downright frustrating. That might be okay if you’re not ready to settle down yet. Experiencing the frustrating relationships can teach you to appreciate the good ones.

But when you are ready to settle down, or at least look for a serious one, here are the types of people to avoid for a better, lasting relationship.

People who are controlling and jealous

While a little jealousy from time-to-time is cute and even endearing, pathological jealousy is destructive and consuming.


Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-importance and use people in their circle to feed their ego.

Contentious People

Angry, contentious people are likely to be unhappy. They have a need to be right all the time and enjoy having arguments. Contentious relationships can be briefly masked as a passionate one but in the end, they will struggle to sustain.

People with Low Emotional Intelligence

People with low emotional intelligence either lack the basic prerequisites to be in a relationship such as empathy and sympathy. They also have the tendency to overreact to certain situations and can’t regulate their emotions effectively, making it difficult to deal with them let alone have a meaningful relationship.


People who are afraid of commitment aren’t suited for relationships to begin with. Putting a label on your relationship sends them running for the hills. This fear of attachment is a sure way to heart break.

Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem tend to underestimate their own self-worth and unhappy with themselves. The result is an overall negativity that sucks the energy out of every relationship. They constantly need reassurance from their partners and their insecurity can often lead to extreme jealousy.

Overly Romantic People

While romance is the basis of every romantic relationship, overly romantic people tend to love to be in-love. They have a certain expectation about how a date should go and how a conversation should go. Anything less than what they had imagined and they will be disappointed.


Relationship martyrs have a victim mentality. They feel entitled to sympathy, and are neither responsible or accountable for circumstances surrounding their situation. Relationships with a martyr is full of drama.

Overly Critical

Overly critical partners tend to nit-pick and complain about everything. They thrive in conflict and drama that could stem from their own sense of low self-inadequacy. However, instead of dealing with their internal conflicts, they project them on their partners. Walking on egg shells has never been a good feeling.

Manipulative People

Manipulative people do not really care about anyone else. They see their partners as a tool to utilize to drive their agenda. They ignore boundaries and are not receptive to opposing perspectives. If they can’t get you to do it their way initially, they will lie, plot and scheme until you finally do, leaving you confused in the end.







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