10 Savory Recipes For Your Cheat Day

We’re talking diet cheat day here, folks.

You’ve been good all week. Fighting the constant urge to eat carbs and sugars that your diet plan restricts you from eating. You grudgingly walk away from the delectably decorated donuts sitting on the counter at your office break room. Ignoring the grumbling from your stomach and scolding it under your breath to be quiet.

You go through six of days of self-deprivation obediently and you look forward for your cheat day. The last thing you need is another plate of bland, unsavory dish that doesn’t satiate your taste buds.

Here are 10 savory recipes to devour on your cheat day that will surely help get you through the week.

1. Galbi or Kalbi

kalbiGalbi means ribs in Korean is a barbecued short ribs marinated in a blend of spices that includes onion, garlic, honey/sugar and soy sauce creating a beautiful balance of sweet and savory flavor. The beef is then is grilled until caramelized browned and served over white rice.

Get the recipe here.

2. Chicken Paprikash


Chicken paprikash is a classic delicious comfort food that’s also surprisingly easy to make. It is basically a chicken stew but with more oomph! Hailing from Hungary, this aromatic dish is cooked in chicken stock, sour cream, peppers and of course a ton of paprika. It is flavorful and fall-of-the-bone tender chicken that will leave you wanting for seconds!

Get the recipe here.

3. Braised Lamb Shanks


This restaurant-quality recipe looks complicated to make but the truth is, there is not anything tricky about them. The ingredients consist of everyday items you can find in your pantry. It’s tender and flavorful and no knife necessary. This slow-cooked goodness makes you wonder why you ever spent that much money buying the same item at a restaurant!

Get the recipe here.

4. Chianti-Braised Short Ribs


This Olive Garden recipe (recognize from the plate?) is a favorite of many. This tender, bone-less rib is slow-cooked in Chianti red wine sauce and served over mushroom risotto and mixed vegetables. This mouth-watering dish is sure to please even the toughest critic.

Before you go over to Olive Garden to try it, I must tell you that the dish was unfortunately discontinued from their menu a while ago. There was actually a Facebook page asking for it to return. Seriously, it was that good!

Get the recipe here.

5. Oxtail Stew


Oxtails are the tail of a cow, so it’s not a very popular meat to use in most dishes. But those that skip oxtails from the menu are missing out big time. The gelatinous, sticky broth that you get from slow-cooked oxtails are something out of the ordinary.

Making stewed oxtails requires hours of patience and pure love. But oh…it’s sooo worth it!

Get the recipe here.

6. Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon


When I think of fish, I think of dry, tasteless piece of meat that’s drenched in lemon butter. The usually bland recipes out there aren’t worthy of wasting a cheat day meal for. So when I stumbled across this amazing recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it. And boy, was it worth the risk.

Get the recipe here.

7. Jamaican Curry Chicken


Caribbean foods are rich in seasoning that includes garlic, onion, scotch bonnet pepper and thyme that combined creates a flavor profile which is quintessentially Caribbean in character.

The Jamaican Curry Chicken is the quintessential Caribbean recipe. It’s rich, flavorful aroma coming from a blend of curry powder, thyme, garlic and tomatoes makes Jamaica one of the top travel destinations on my list just so I could taste it again.

Get the recipe here.

8. Beef Carbonnade


If your mouth didn’t water a little bit from the picture above, then perhaps you’re not human. This Belgian classic sweet and sour stew, the country’s national dish, is a combination of beef, caramelized onions, spices and beer. I don’t think I need to say more after that.

Get the recipe here.

9. Crispy Mustard Braised Pork Belly


If I have to cut through another dry piece of pork chop or sirloin, I’d probably stick the fork in my eye. OK, that’s a tad bit dramatic. The point is, pork is such a bore to eat mainly because most of the way it’s cooked is boring to begin with. Avoiding the skin and fat of the pork is avoiding the part that actually gives it flavor and delicious goodness.

C’mon, live a little.

Get the recipe here.

10. Singapore Chili Crab


This delightful, flavorful dish is cooked in a thick sweet and savory gravy with a slight hint of spice. It is so amazing that it made CNN’s top 50 Most Delicious Foods in 2011.

Get the recipe here.

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