10 Struggles Only Those Who Sweat Excessively Understand

Most people sweat in the summer or when their body temperature reaches a certain point such as when working out. But you’ve already figured out that you’re not most people.

sweating1. You sweat even if it’s cold outside

It could be 40 degrees outside, but you’re sweating because it’s 11:30 and your body is scheduled to sweat that time.

2. Your sweaty hands limits your career choices


Your dream was to be a nurse or maybe even a doctor. But you settled for Medical Office Admin because you’re afraid the needle would prick someone in the wrong part of their body while sliding off your hands. That’s if you can even get the gloves on at all!

3. Forget about playing guitar

You want to rock out and play guitar. Sadly, the only guitar you can play is air guitar. Pressing on the strings with sweaty hands is rather painful. And your guitar dripping with your palm sweat doesn’t sound sexy at all.

4. Interviews take more than just preparation for questions and resume


You also stuff a hand towel in your purse to dry your hands before the handshake. Throughout the interview, you stick your hand in the purse secretly to keep wiping your hands. You start thinking: “why did you wear this dreaded blazer when the interviewer is wearing casual attire?” Then comes the “nice talking to you” handshake at the end of the interview. You wipe your hands on your dark pants one more time just to make sure.

5. You only wear closed-toe shoes with socks

Your feet feel soggy and sloppy all the time. Wearing sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes make you slip out of them when walking or risk looking like a penguin when walking.


6. You hate having co-worker take over your computer mouse

You need help with a work project and your co-worker comes over to your desk to help you out. He asks if he can navigate. Uh-oh, you’d have to sneakily wipe off the sweat off the mouse first. You hope he didn’t see that.

7. Headphones are your best friend when making phone calls

Condensation from your sweaty palms messes with your phone signal. You’re explaining something really long and all of a sudden, the person on the other line says you’re cutting out. Don’t blame AT&T, blame the cloud forming around your palms.

8. You hate writing by paper and pen

The paper always get wrinkled from the sweat and the ink always sticks to your hands.


9.  You still have a Blackberry or Sidekick

Touchscreen doesn’t respond to you so you need a button to actually press.


10. Holding hands is a nightmare

Instead of holding hands with your lover, you go for the pinky instead or hang by his arm. If you’re a dude, you opt for the arm around the waist instead and hope her dress is cotton.



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