19 Military Lessons That Made a Man Millionaire

Having been in the military, I always appreciated all the life lessons they gave me. I apply those lessons at my job all the time and it made me a successful employee.

When I started my own business, I seemed to have lost the poise and the lessons I learned during my years in service. Then I stumbled upon this video that made me remember just how valuable my military training would be in my future entrepreneurial success.

Managing Chaos 

He gave the example during basic training, how you have to crawl under barbed wires in the mud with machine guns firing above you. In business, you will have many things thrown at you and it could feel chaotic, but managing them effectively could mean the difference between failure and success.





The military is driven by their mission. They execute their missions according to a detailed plan. They do not abort a mission unless absolutely necessary and there is not a foreseeable way to accomplish it. Same is true with a business, stay true to the mission and the your business goals, and keep pursuing it unless it’s no longer feasible.



Limited Resources

The military often have to thrive with limited resources, often stretching their food and water ration for days while out in the field. In business, we also have to learn to work with less resources and make them work.






Watch the video to see complete list.

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