9 Reasons Why Women Find Introverted Men So Attractive

While women may laugh it up with an extroverted male, they are really secretly vying for that elusive introverted man in the corner, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Women think that introverted men are sexy and irresistible.

Here are some reasons why women find introverted men attractive.

Calm, Cool and Collected

Introverted men are not easily phased by a situation unless it’s truly dire. They remain cool and level-headed thus able to assess and react appropriately to a crisis. Women love a man who can take care of her in life-or-death situations and not scream along.

Non-Reactive But Can Kick Ass

The clip says it all. Now that’s alpha.


Women do not like being in the dark about something that piqued their interest. A mysterious man will not spill the beans right away, or ever, and it drives women crazy.

They Don’t Talk or Complain Much

Introverts are better at listening than talking, a characteristic that is indicative of a more introspective, deep-thinking person. While they don’t talk much all the time, when they do, it is more well-thought of, meaningful and true. Women know that when a introverted man say the coveted words, “I love you”, they mean it. But most of all, they’d rather show you than tell you.

They Don’t Flirt with Every Girl

Introverted men know what they want so they’re not easily distracted by every woman who is interested in them. They may come off as a bad boy because of their aloof demeanor, but when a woman catches their attention, they make her feel special like she’s the only woman in the entire universe.

They’re a Challenge

It takes a while for an introverted man to warm up to a woman and actually allow her to explore the depths of his mind. This challenge is especially attractive to a woman who is used to have men pining over her looks. When a woman succeeds at breaking down that introvert wall, it is a badge of pride they can wear.

They Have that “Look”

Since introverted men don’t like to talk much, they learn to communicate mainly with their eyes. Women really dig it when men gaze deeply into their eyes.

They’re Intellectually Stimulating and Deeply Philosophical

Introverts are usually deep thinkers who like to meditate on philosophy or ponder the mysteries in life. It’s not surprising that they are one of the most philosophical and intellectual personality types out there. They may be quiet on the outside, but their minds are always running. Women find men whom they can have intellectual conversations with very attractive as it creates a deeper bond.

Full of Surprises

Introverted men do not like to brag so it’s always an adventure to get to know them better and finding that they are full of surprising talents or abilities.






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