Beer cocktails you should be making at home

How do you make a sangria taste even better? Sub the wine for beer. Sangria has a complex, fruity flavor profile that can be enhanced with a complimentary beer. Sweet, citrusy, bubbly, and boozy, even those who don’t like beer will go crazy over the enticing flavor of beer sangria.

Ideal for any party or social gathering, beer sangria can be whipped up in a big batch and poured from a pitcher so you can please a thirsty crowd. To begin, in a large pitcher, toss in fruit like peaches, blood oranges, strawberries, and pears. Add in brandy, juice of choice to sweeten, and a complementing beer. Depending upon what fruit you’re using, a wheat beer or saison will pair nicely. Give it a good stir and pour into individual glasses with ice once your guests arrive. If you’re preparing the sangria the night before, don’t add the beer until you’re ready to serve. Since beer is carbonated, you don’t want it falling flat before serving.

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