Joe Biden Talking to a Homeless Man in Viral Candid Pic


John Wooden — ‘The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.’

A candid picture was taken of former Vice President Joe Biden talking to a homeless man outside of a movie theater last week.

According to Politico where the photo was originally sent, Biden went to a movie with his granddaughter who was visiting friends. The candid shot was snapped outside the Georgetown movie theater on K street.

The photo, taken by Caleb Baca, was shared on Facebook by Paul Equale, a businessman from D.C. and now has 120,000+ shares and 175,000+ likes.


The photo prompted many comments and praises on social media including fueling his 2020 potential presidential bid.




Joe Biden has yet to confirm his 2020 presidential plans.

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